Sustainable Fishing in Cornwall

Ocean Fish is committed to the sustainable use of the seas and the protection of the marine ecosystem.

We supply freshly caught MSC sardines, Cornish Mackerel and scallops caught with our own boats straight to the retail counters.

This means we can guarantee our stocks, the use of sustainable fishing methods and effective sustainability management.

Ocean Fish is proud to be a partner in supporting and supplying the pioneers of fish sustainability programmes in the UK supermarkets. We work closely with our customers ensuring the Responsible Sourcing Policies are enforced throughout our supply chain.

We are accredited by the Marine Stewardship Council, members of the Cornish Sardine Association and are actively engaged in the Responsible Fishing Scheme while working with the Seafish Authorities and taking part in many discussions and forums in the matters of sustainability prioritisation.

Our passion for a sustainable future is our commitment to long term vitality of Cornish, UK and global¬†species and the world’s oceans.