Two British fish classics (Whiting & Pouting) on your British Plate

Whiting and Pouting dishes

Up to around 40 species of British fish can land daily onto the Southwest markets. The healthy Southwest fishery around Devon and Cornwall has an abundance of British species that are often overlooked in favour of imported species: Cod, Haddock, Tuna, Prawns, and Seabass. We are on a mission to change this- we want to see more British fish on British plates.

We have chosen two underutilised British species – Pouting and Whiting – to showcase how accessible and affordable British fish can be. Both are easy and quick to cook, with little preparation needed to create a delicious meal.

Whiting is a highly versatile delicate white fish and is a fantastic alternative to Cod. We asked James Strawbridge to develop a recipe that was quick to prepare and a perfect treat for a midweek meal. Try James’ recipe of Whiting with herby butter.

Pouting is landed in volume in the southwest as part of the mixed fishery and is largely overlooked, it is a perfect white fish alternative to imported species and works well in a variety of recipes. James’ recipe is breaded pouting fillets with a Katsu curry sauce. Easy and delicious.


We hope you enjoy trying these recipes we have created and join us on our mission of seeing more British fish on British plates.

Victoria Townsend
Retail Director the Ocean Fish Group


Whiting with herby butter

Whiting with herby butter


Breaded pouting fillets with a Katsu curry sauce